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FAFSA/Award Letter Review

FAFSA/Award Letter Review (12)
Appointment Times: 60-90 minutes

While many students and parents think the FAFSA is the hardest part of the process, the real trick is understanding the results and making an informed decision about the future. Knowing how to read the award letters sent by colleges, and how to compare them apples to apples can be tricky because right now there is no standard form for an award letter.

In this advising session we’ll review each award package you’ve been offered and break them down so you can compare each school evenly and get a clear picture of what’s being offered. We’ll also talk about any gaps in funding that remain to be covered and the different options available to cover those gaps.

Part of this conversation will include a review of the estimated borrowing budget for your future career, which will help determine if a school and/or package is affordable and realistic for the career of choice.

Tools Used:

  • GamePlan
  • ROCI
  • ACT Profile
  • Award Letter Complete
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