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Paying for College

Paying for College (9,10,11,12)
Appointment Times: 60 minutes

Possibly the most important part of college planning is having a plan to pay for college. Part of this plan is understanding all the costs associated with each school and knowing your career education budget flexibility.

In this advising session we will work through the costs associated with each college you are considering and calculate the recommended costs associated with your intended career areas. With these figures we will determine a recommended budget and talk about the options available to cover the estimated costs.

In this session we will also discuss the realities of financial aid and do a forecast of what you can expect to receive in financial aid, which will then be figured into the overall college budget.

Tools Used:

  • Debt Reality Worksheet
  • Prepare to Pay for College Worksheet
  • ACT Profile
  • College Raptor
  • Game Plan
  • ROCI
  • Compare College Costs Worksheet
  • FAFSA4Caster
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