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College Awareness through March Madness

Homeroom College Selectionfrom Evans Middle School, Ottumwa, Iowa

College awareness through March Madness! One of the school counselors, Megan Wetrich, and I teamed up to bring some college awareness to our middle school students during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. We utilized the homeroom/advisory time of each day to spread this awareness through many activities. Each homeroom randomly selected a college basketball team that had advanced to the NCAA tournament. Utilizing their selected team, the students created door decorations which included facts about their college such as location, mascot, student population, tuition, cost of room and board, programs offered, top three majors, and other information that they would like to include. They could also create player biographies that included the player’s year in school and program of study to earn additional points for their advisory. Other ways to earn points included wearing the team colors on the day of their first game in the tournament and each advisory teacher could wear their alma mater clothing and spend some time sharing about their college experience. Teachers also volunteered to play a basketball tournament against other teachers which also earned points for their advisory. This was a fun activity at the end of the day Friday! All of the students watched and were loudly cheering on their favorite team!

The goal of these activities was to spread awareness about some of the colleges in the country. This was a small sample size, but we wanted to expose students to college going processes and terminology. The report back from teachers and students was positive and we plan to continue these activities in the upcoming years.

Here is a picture of one of the door decorations that won. The middle is a mirror, students could stand in front of it and see themselves in the mascot. It was very creative!

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