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Hosting a Presentation

These tips and resources will help ensure a successful presentation.

Setting the Date

The presentation pages specify the time of year, the length of time and the setting that are best for each of the presentations. In addition, these strategies will help you determine the date for your presentation.

  • Avoid outright conflicts with other school-related activities. It may be necessary to schedule in conjunction with another activity, like:
    • Before a home sports event.
    • In tandem with parent-teacher conferences.
    • Before or after another ICAN presentation within your school or in a neighboring community. See the ICAN presentation calendar or talk to an ICAN representative about possible combinations.
    • The day before or after another ICAN presentation in your community or region. See the ICAN presentation calendar or talk to an ICAN representative about possible combinations.
  • Follow your community's tradition regarding event scheduling during evenings of religious activities.
  • Be aware of other community-based events, such as:
    • Election dates.
    • Plays or concerts.
    • Fund-raisers.

Using the Promotional Materials

ICAN relies on you to supply the audience for ICAN programs. The promotional tools available for the most popular presentations are designed to help you raise awareness of ICAN presentations and events and increase attendance by your students and their families. You’ll find two types of files in the toolkit.

  • Word documents include suggested text that can be personalized before it’s copied into other documents or programs, such as a letter or e-mail from you. Simply insert the appropriate information in the highlighted areas and copy and paste the text into your document before printing or sending. Required software: Microsoft Word version 2003 or higher
  • PDF documents may be sent directly to your printer without customization. Required software: Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or higher

Use the Presentation Checklist (PDF) to plan for and promote your ICAN presentation, starting four weeks before. Visit the toolkit.

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