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ICAN Programs

ICAN brings national college access programs and campaigns to Iowa and develops new programs to further its college access mission.

Current Initiatives Include:

Career & College Access Programs

Through the expertise of its staff and the feedback from school counseling professionals, ICAN has developed Career & College Access Programs, a comprehensive services package that provides college access programming specifically tailored for students from middle school through high school and into college. Each step of the plan builds upon previous programming to ensure that each grade level engages in discussions and activities that keep them thinking about and preparing for the future.

Through one-on-one appointments or scheduled presentations in communities and schools around the state, the Career & College Access Power Plan is a versatile set of programs that can be engaged at any point in the journey towards college and career. Learn more about ICAN's programs and the steps of the plan.

Golden Circle College & Career Fair

The Golden Circle College Fair is the largest college fair in Iowa. The fair is an annual favorite as it draws in colleges and universities from across the United States, and offers Iowa families a chance to explore nearly 135 colleges in one day. A new addition to the fair is the Career Cluster area. Each of the 16 Career Clusters will be represented by Iowa businesses offering insight and advice on different career paths. The fair also features breakout sessions on job outlooks in Iowa, employer expectations, college selection, and the financial aid process. The fair is held annually the last Sunday in September or the first Sunday in October depending on the calendar. For more information visit www.ICANsucceed.org/goldencircle.

FAFSA Ready Iowa

The Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) is proud to be lead the FAFSA Ready Iowa Initiative, which aims to increase FAFSA Completion in Iowa to 70% among high school seniors.
The initiative was launched in September 2016. As part of the initiative, ICAN coordinates FAFSA completion events in which trained volunteers provide free, on-site assistance to students and families in filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA is the federally required form for students seeking financial aid for college. Completing the FAFSA is the first and most important step in qualifying for aid. FAFSA Ready Iowa is an Iowa College Goal Sunday program. Learn more.

ICAN Financial Aid Certification Training

To assist counselors, access professionals, and community members in helping students complete the FAFSA, ICAN provides a comprehensive financial aid certification and training program. Learn more.

ICAN Financial Literacy Series: Life Store

This interactive simulation teaches students in eighth through eleventh grades about budgeting based on a real-life scenario of career, education level, salary, marital status and number of children. The Life Store is primarily conducted in a classroom with groups of 20-30 students. With outside grant funding the Life Store can be conducted in an assembly-style format that engages community members from insurance, grocery, banking and other area businesses, allowing students to learn about different life choices directly from the community professionals in those industries.

College Financial Literacy Series

The ICAN College Financial Literacy Series is designed to educate college students about financial decisions that impact their life both in and after college. The series focuses on budgeting tactics, responsible borrowing, goal-setting, credit and credit card management and identity theft. Click here to learn more about the programs available.

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