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Presentation Sponsorships

ICAN is working diligently to maintain its free programs and services to Iowa high schools. In an effort to balance out the cost of providing programs, including travel to all Iowa communities, ICAN is offering the opportunity for community members to sponsor presentations.

Each year ICAN’s goal is to secure sponsors for at least 50% of its evening presentations, or approximately 350 presentations throughout the state. Ideally this would mean if a school hosts both a College Planning and a Financial Aid evening presentation, at least one of them would be sponsored, covering the costs incurred by ICAN to present.

ICAN needs your help. You know your community best and can identify potential businesses or individuals that could sponsor a program. 

How You Can Help

Approach a Potential Sponsor. Send a letter of support to potential sponsors, along with the sponsorship benefits list. Download a template letter and list of sponsor benefits. If the sponsor is interested, connect ICAN with your sponsor. 

Submit Sponsor Ideas. Complete the suggestion form for potential sponsors in your community and ICAN will contact them regarding the opportunity.

Call ICAN. If you'd rather speak to us directly about your ideas, contact ICAN at (877) 272-4692.

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