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Senior Alerts - Counselor Toolkit

Below you will find a series of resources to share with senior students and parents. Throughout the year these resources will be updated to reflect current steps seniors should be completing.

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Financial Aid Process

Career Planning

Making Informed Decisions
College plans should be influenced by a career pathway and the potential salary earned by that pathway upon graduation. Share this worksheet with students to help them determine borrow responsibly with a college borrowing budget.



College Planning

College Checklist
When it comes time to apply, students may need help remembering which colleges fit them best. This worksheet will help students keep compare colleges and determine which are right for them and which ones don't measure up.
Guide for Parents
This flier provides ideas for parents who want to help their students prepare for college throughout high school.
Make the Most of College Visits
Some seniors may need to make a few campus visits this fall before determining their final list of applications. This worksheet is a guide providing questions to ask so you get the most out of each visit and collect the information necessary to making those college decisions.


Financial Aid
Compare College Costs
This worksheet helps students understand the costs of each college they are considering and helps them evaluate award packages to determine best value for their path.
Realities of College Aid
This handy sheet provides a timeline for the financial aid process and discusses the realities of financial aid for college.
Prepare to Pay for College
It's important for students and parents to start talking early about paying for college. Get the conversation started using this list of topics and questions.
Scholarships: Money for College
Help students discover how they can make the most of scholarship opportunities
Financial Aid Types
Explore grant, scholarship and work-study options with this easy-to-use chart.
Federal Loan Programs
Understand federal options with this detailed look at the Federal Loan Programs.
Student Loan Facts
Student loans can make college a reality, but students shouldn't make the decision to borrow lightly. Knowing all the facts and asking the right questions is a must and this sheet can help.
PLUS Loan vs. Private Loans
There are many things to consider when taking out student loans, especially for parents. Families should review all options before making a decision.
Mastering the Private Loan Path
If a family has determined they need a supplemental private student loan for college expenses, there are many options available. This worksheet will help them make good decisions regarding student loan debt.


College Success
Pack for College
You won't need this until spring, but this helpful list is a nice addition to any graduating senior's end-of-year to-do list.
How to Succeed in College
This handout talks about the non-academic skills necessary to be successful including money management, time management, and online safety and security.
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