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What Employers Don't Want

Just as the best employees tend to have certain skills, the not-so-great employees share some characteristics management has learned to avoid in applicants.

Lack of commitment and motivation. Show you are motivated by answering questions with confidence and demonstrate a willingness to work harder than others.

Disinterest. Convince interviewers that you're interested in the position by knowing and being enthusiastic about the company and its goals.

Lack of punctuality. This goes back to elementary school, but don't be late. If you perpetually run a few minutes behind, plan some fail-safe ways to get to an interview 10 minutes early (but not much earlier).

Inability to speak well. Nerves can cause you to mumble, speak too quickly or give one-word answers. Practice interviewing and be prepared with answers so you give clear, detailed answers.

Lack of confidence and poise. Practice how you hold your body and how you answer questions so others can see your confidence.

Arrogance. We've all met the person who knows it all better than we do ourselves. Don't be that person. Remember that you are a new graduate and those interviewing you have years of on-the-job experience.

Too much concern over money and benefits. It's no secret that most people work because they want money, and the more of it the better. The first interview, however, is not the place to talk about it. Instead, focus on your belief in the organization's mission and how you can help achieve it.

Self-centeredness. Be a little humble and show that you want to be part of the team.

Rudeness. Be polite and respectful at all times.

Bad attitude toward past employers. Bad-mouthing a former employer gives the impression you'll be unhappy with your new one. No matter the situation, don't talk about people; focus on projects instead.

Poor body language. It may seem silly to you that crossing your arms and lowering your chin gives a poor impression, but people often find it hard to look past bad body language. Record one of your practice interviews on video to see how you look to others.

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