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About the Plan

ICAN's College Access Power Plan®

Through the expertise of the ICAN staff, and the feedback from school counseling professionals, ICAN has developed the College Access Power Plan®, a comprehensive college access services package that targets students from middle school through high school and into college. Each step of the power plan is built upon the foundation of the ICAN planning programs to ensure that each grade level engages in discussions and activities that keep them thinking about and preparing for the future.

Start Early
High School Success is the first step to success in College and in Life.

Study. Study. Study.
Grades matter all FOUR years! That's right, freshman through senior year.

Ask Questions.
Talk to people and learn all you can about the future. Counselors, colleges AND your parents.

Save. Save. Save.
Start saving now for college and create good habits for the future.

Be Responsible.
Being an adult means showing respect, planning ahead and taking responsibility for your future.

What's YOUR role?
The College Access Power Plan® is for everyone, whether you are a student or parent trying to navigate the road to college, a counselor looking for programming to bring in for your students or a community member looking for a way to help.


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