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The Impact of Upward Bound - the UNI Perspective

In Upward Bound, it is important to assess the progress of students and see what aspects of the program they are benefitting from. We track our students’ grades, attendance, test scores, class schedules, etc. However, there is so much power in a student’s honest disclosure about how Upward Bound has helped them and affected them. I asked students in our program a few different questions about what has been the most helpful for them in Upward Bound and what they have gained from it. There responses are motivating, inspiring and definitely worth sharing.

What skills have you gained from being in Upward Bound?

NeiAira, senior, said, “I have learned responsibility and respect. I’ve learned this by talking to my mentors and gaining advice. I have also learned discipline and self-control in situations and academics. I gained a motivation to get a higher education.” Autumn, freshman, said, “You really have to open up in order to engage in class. Summer classes have helped me with this. The summer gives us more freedom to think how we want, there is no school rule book.”

Is there anything Upward Bound has exposed you to that you would not have experienced otherwise?

Zoe, sophomore, said, “I wouldn’t have gone on any college visits. I didn’t know about taking college classes and AP courses. I know more about them now.” Autumn, freshman, stated, “Digging deeper into research. Instead of just listening to the teacher during class, I ask questions about it. I learned critical thinking over the summer. We were challenged to answer the question “why?” to teach us this skill. NeiAira, senior, said, “Completing the FAFSA and the financial aid process.”

What would you tell a new student who is thinking about applying to Upward Bound?

Anglea, sophomore, stated, “Be 100% sure you want to go through with it. You have to be ready to follow through.” Autumn, freshman, said “Please do it. Because it is a really good opportunity to engage in things you do not know much about. You won’t get it on a higher level until you come through CUB (Classic Upward Bound). It helps you think about what you are being told to do. It opens up your mind to bigger horizons. The best part of it is when we get to go hang out at the activities on Thursdays.” Hailey, freshman, stated, “It’s a good program. They help you with your homework, present new challenges, and you do things you never thought you’d do before. I used to be bad with time management, but now that I’m in Upward Bound I’m better at managing my time.”

Our Classic Upward Bound program is rigorous, but the students benefit greatly. When they have time to reflect what the program has done for them, it shows us that what we are doing is impacting them.

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