DMACC's "Start Your Story" Aims at Attracting Transfer Students

Choosing a college is one of the most significant decisions of a young person’s life. While several factors play a role, the cost of tuition can ultimately tip the scales one way or the other for many students and their families. In fact, educational expense is second only to the availability of a major in the selection process, with 88 percent of students saying affordability is “very important” or “important.” When given only one option, two out of three students rate cost as the single most important factor.*

The price tag of an education – coupled with the potential to change majors – make DMACC a better option than ever. To capitalize on this opportunity, DMACC is promoting its easy-to-use transfer program. Students can save money, while earning valuable credits that can be applied toward four-year schools here in Iowa and across the nation.

DMACC launched its “Start Your Story” campaign to target potential transfer students seeking a four-year degree. Throughout the campaign, DMACC addresses the many advantages of starting at the College rather than a four-year school: smaller class sizes, more affordable credits, more time to choose a major, increased academic guidance, more social and recreational opportunities.

DMACC has provided tools for evaluating transfer opportunities at Students and their families can compare the price of two years at DMACC with two years at the four-year school of their choice, against four years at that same college or university.

The campaign also features former students who started their success stories at DMACC and transferred to a four-year school. DMACC alumni have gone on to great things, including pursuing law degrees, opening award-winning businesses and traveling the globe.

You can learn more about the “Start Your Story” campaign by visiting

*2015 College Decisions Survey, New America’s Education Policy Program.



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