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Save for College

College can be expensive, whether you're considering a four-year school, a two-year community college or a technical program. Don't wait until you're a senior to start figuring out how you're going to pay for it.

So what can you do to save for the future?

Understand your goal. Start looking at what your college education might cost you and your family. Look at websites for schools you might want to attend, and check out how much they cost. Remember that the price is likely to go up before you're ready to go to college.

Don't be discouraged. College probably seems expensive but remember, more education will usually pay off with a higher salary later. You'll also have the chance to apply for and receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, work-study and loans.

Get involved now. Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for college. And one of the best ways to get scholarships is to get involved in organizations, camps, clubs and groups that award them. Find out if any of the local, regional or national groups you're involved with help with college costs.

Talk to your parents. Find out if they are putting any money away in the College Savings Iowa plan or another program for your education. Discuss your plans with them and talk about ways you can work together to save money.

Open a savings account. You can put money away on your own. Visit the bank with your parents to open an account in your name. Then, when you receive or earn money, you can put at least part of it away for your future.

Start learning more. As you get older, you'll have more chances to earn money and, of course, more opportunities to spend it. Make sure you're making smart decisions about your money by learning how finances work.

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