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Scholarships and Grants

Here's the thing: Many organizations want people to get a college education, so they hand out free money. Free money! What could be better than that? Wonder what the catch is?

It's simple, really. Organizations, companies, government agencies and even individuals create scholarships and grants that award students money if they fulfill (or promise to fulfill) a certain requirement.

That requirement might be to study in a certain field, join a professional group or write a winning essay about how an organization affects your life. It also might be as simple as being a member of a certain group or having your name drawn from many entries.

Because the amounts and types of scholarships and grants vary, you might be eligible for several of each. Unless you earn an award that pays for all your college costs, you may receive more than one as well, so you want to apply for as many as you can.

  Scholarships Grants
Who Funds
  • Community organizations
  • Colleges
  • Employers (yours or your parents')
  • Private companies in career fields
  • Federal, state or local government
  • Private companies and organizations
  • Colleges
How Awarded
  • Merit (grades or accomplishments)
  • Financial need
  • Cultural, religious or other affiliation
  • Merit (grades or accomplishments)
  • Financial need
How to Find Them
  • Free, online scholarship searches
  • Request information from organizations
  • Library
  • School counselor
  • College financial aid office
  • Fill out Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Visit your state's website for state grants
  • Request information from private companies
  • College financial aid office

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