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Adult Learners

Although you may be hesitant about entering college as an adult, it's never too late. You might be thinking you're not young enough. Maybe you're not sure what to study, or you might just be overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. Many other students have felt the same, only to find success once they began.

While it may seem like everyone on campus is in their late teens or early twenties, right out of high school and just starting in life, the majority of students are "nontraditional" in some way. In fact, some studies indicate that students 18 to 22 years old living on campus full time make up less than 20% of all U.S. college students. The rest are adult learners.

  Real Advice from Real People
More and more adults are returning to school and earning a degree. So what's it like to be an adult learner? Jeremy gives some insight and shares his advice to other returning adults.






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