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The ICAN College Access Power Plan®, is a step-by-step guide of programs and resources to help you get ready for your future. Whether you're a freshman or a senior, or somewhere in between, there are steps you can be taking to secure a more successful future.

Start Early
College is an exciting time, but it's important to stay focused and remember why you are attending college. Eventually you will graduate and you'll want to find a job. Don't wait until your senior year of college to start preparing for the job hunt. Visit your academic advisor and the campus career center often and begin planning out your college years so you have the best experiences possible and are prepared for the start of your career when graduation arrives.

Study. Study. Study.
Grades matter all FOUR years! That's right, freshman through senior year.

Just like in high school, your grades in college can impact your progress and your finances. If you received a scholarship as a freshman you may be required to maintain a certain GPA to keep your scholarship; you may also qualify for additional scholarships. Your grades may also impact the classes need for graduation. Most majors require a certain grade in order to count towards graduation so talk to your advisor. Learn more about college academics.

Ask Questions.
Talk to people and learn all you can about the future. Counselors, colleges AND your parents.

Maybe you know exactly what you want to major in, or maybe you are still trying to figure things out. When it comes to choosing or changing your major you want to work closely with your academic advisor, talk to upperclassmen or faculty in your chosen area and do some job shadowing or internships to see if it's the right fit for you.

Save. Save. Save.
Understanding college costs and learning to manage your money are two things to make a top priority. Good money management skills are not only essential for college, but for life as well.

All Students: Be sure to complete your FAFSA every year you are in college. The application becomes available each year on January 1st. Learn more.

Be Responsible.
Being an adult means showing respect, planning ahead and taking responsibility for your future.

Enjoy your time in college, it is a great life experience. But also remember how much money you are paying or borrowing to attend college. Make the most of your experience by getting involved with campus life and preparing for your future career.

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