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FOF - By Appointment Event - Promotional Materials

Let students know what materials they will need to complete the FAFSA with this flier: What To Bring (pdf).

Promotional Materials
Fill Out the FAFSA Appointment Poster English (PDF)  
Left (Directional sign) English (PDF)  
Right (Directional sign) English (PDF)  
Straight (Directional sign) English (PDF)  
What to Bring Handout English (PDF) Spanish (PDF)


Invitations and Announcements
Invitation letter English (Word) Spanish (Word)
Invitation e-mail English (Word) Spanish (Word)
Reminder e-mail English (Word) Spanish (Word)
Web announcement English (Word) Spanish (Word)
School announcement English (Word) Spanish (Word)


Media Articles and Ads
Newspaper ad English (Word) Spanish (Word)
Radio announcement English (Word) Spanish (Word)
Newsletter article English (Word) Spanish (Word)
Newspaper Release English (Word) Spanish (Word)


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