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Plan for the Future, Invest in the Future.

Fifty-five percent of Americans now believe that obtaining a college degree is the only way to succeed. More and more employers are expecting additional education and training beyond a high school diploma. The challenge comes in moving belief into action and ensuring every student has full access to a higher education.*

Each year, the Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) assists nearly 300,000 Iowans statewide in becoming college and career ready. Whether it's help researching colleges, preparing students for college entrance exams, or guiding families through the often complex federal financial aid forms, ICAN provides a unique and specialized service that impacts our state's economy and ability to generate a skilled workforce.

The ICAN Partnership Program offers you the unique ability to help build a better economy for our state and create a highly skilled and educated workforce for our employers. As a partner you also receive individual benefits such as opportunities for target marketing and communication efforts, wider community outreach and the opportunity to interact with prospective customers.

The Partnership Program offers different levels of involvement and benefits to fit every potential partner and we look forward to discussing your specific needs soon.

ICAN partners are:

  • Proud supporters of education
  • Community partners and leaders
  • Committed to creating a skilled and educated workforce
  • Engaged in building a stronger economy

If this sounds like you, Become a Partner today.

Ninety percent of the fastest growing careers require post-secondary training or education
More than 1 million students fail to graduate from high school each year
The jobless rate for college graduates is 2.2% vs. 5.4% for those with only a high school education.
The US needs 800,000 more college graduates each year to compete with top-performing nations.





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