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About ICAN

It's all about the future.

The mission of the ICAN is to help prepare students for future success.

We believe that education leads to greater economic prosperity for individual students, their families, and the communities in which they reside. We also believe that all Iowans benefit as more and more students attain their education and career goals through informed decision making, translating into greater numbers of educated and skilled workers.

To put it simply, more education and job training equals more success for students and for the communities of Iowa.
Nearly 800,000 Iowans took advantage of ICAN’s free services during the 2015-16 academic year, which represented a 30% increase. ICAN’s team of student success advisors helped individuals with life-changing decisions pertaining to college choice, college affordability and financial aid, and career exploration.

As always, the impact and success of ICAN is made possible only through the continued, generous support of its partners and contributors. The programs and services you support help students make informed decisions when creating a plan for their future, and achieve their education and career goals, launching them on the path to a successful, productive life.

Thank you for your continued support to positively impact Iowa’s youth!
Rob Miller, ICAN President

About ICAN

ICAN has served the educational community and the students of Iowa since 1998. ICAN's mission is to empower Iowans to achieve lifelong success through education, training, and informed decision-making . ICAN helps nearly 800,000 students, parents and education professionals prepare for college each year.

Planning for a career and college, filing for financial aid and mastering your financial situation can be confusing and intimidating. For that reason, ICAN's team of Student Success Advisors work directly with Iowa students and their families. Whether at one of ten ICAN locations, at a career and college access program in an individual community or school, through email or by phone, ICAN's team of experts are here for every Iowan. All ICAN programs and services are offered without charge.

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