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Questions Students Should Ask Their School Counselor

October 1, 2008

 Create a resume. You may not think a resume is necessary until it’s time to apply for a 

job or college, but such a list of accomplishments, community service, involvement in school or 
civic groups, and other endeavors will let your counselor know what you’re interested in. When 
a scholarship or award opportunity crosses the guidance desk, your counselor is much more 
likely to nominate or alert you if they know you’re a good candidate. 
Allow plenty of time. If you need your counselor to write a letter of recommendation or 
fill out an application, plan to give them at least two weeks. This allows them time to think about 
you and how to best represent you. 
Get involved. Counselors say that you should actively participate in planning your 
academic and professional careers to get the most out of high school and beyond. The Internet 
allows you to find out about careers, search for and select colleges, discover scholarship and 
grant opportunities, and explore financial aid options. Your school counselor can help you find 
the best ways to search, including using Choices®
, Iowa’s designated career information and 
decision-making program.


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