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Iowa Laborers Education and Training Fund

Iowa Laborers Education and Training Fund

The Iowa Laborers’ Education & Training Trust Fund is a non-profit organization funded through cooperative effort between the Great Plains Laborers’ District Council of the Midwest Region, its affiliated Local Unions, and Signatory Contractors. It was established in 1978 to provide industry certified specific vocational skills, trade certification and renewal training for its participating members.

The purpose of Iowa Laborers’ Education & Training Fund is to increase the number of highly skilled laborers available to signatory contractors. This is accomplished by offering an extensive curriculum of courses throughout the year. Training coincides with the construction industry’s schedule and offers the majority of its courses between November and April. Day and night courses are offered year-round.

We offer training as a benefit to Construction Laborer Union members and signatory contractors. Our goal is to create opportunities by educating and training our laborers to become skilled craftsman.

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