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ISL Education LendingClass of 2023 - Set Your College Budget

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Individual Contributors

Individual supporters of ICAN can become members in two different ways; through direct support for an individual program, school or community OR through an unrestricted contribution to the general ICAN fund.Each option has levels of membership to help guide you toward your desired level of support for Iowa's students.

General ICAN Support

An unrestricted contribution to the General ICAN Fund allows ICAN to put the funds where they can most benefit Iowa students. The funds could be used to support one-on-one office assistance, FAFSA completion events or an unsponsored school, community, or district. Learn more.

Direct Support

A direct support contribution allows the individual supporter to select a school, district or community that their funds will specifically support. The donor can be, if desired, identified as the sponsor of the selected program or presentation and can also attend the event and be recognized. The direct support option allows the donor to specifically designate how their funds are to be used by ICAN. Learn more.

Membership Levels

  • Platinum - $10,000+
  • Gold - $7,500
  • Silver - $3,500
  • Bronze - $1,750
  • Associate - $1,100
  • Fellow - $800
  • Friend of ICAN - $100

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