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College Financial Literacy Series

The ICAN College Financial Literacy Series is designed to educate college students about financial decisions that impact their life both in and after college. The series focuses on budgeting tactics, responsible borrowing, goal-setting, credit and credit card management and identity theft.

This series is available to colleges and universities throughout the academic year. ICAN will provide a program PowerPoint presentation and a PDF of program materials to be presented to students by a college faculty or staff member. To request program information for your campus or to request program materials, contact Erick Danielson at or (515) 402-4203.

Achieve Financial Success

Achieve Financial Success presents college freshmen with ways to manage their financial resources and promotes financial responsibility and wise borrowing. Students will work on budgeting, money-saving techniques, financial goals, minimizing debt and savings concepts. Topics include

  • Budgeting
  • Responsible Borrowing
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Saving

Intended Audience: College Freshmen

Credit Matters

Credit Matters guides college students through the concepts of credit, touching on the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards, along with understanding why credit is important and how it can impact almost every major life decision. Topics include

  • Credit Card Management
  • Credit Scores
  • Credit Reports
  • Identity Theft

Intended Audience: All College Students

Life After College

Life After College takes college seniors through the steps of setting up a 'real life' after college, including how to evaluate job offers and benefits packages, repay student debt and begin saving and investing for the next major milestones of home ownership and retirement. Topics include

  • Career Search
  • Employment Benefits Package Overview and Evaluation
  • Budgeting
  • Repaying Student Loans
  • Saving
  • Investing

Intended Audience: College Seniors


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