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Iowa Credit Union League Training

Financial Aid/FAFSA Certification Professional Development Series

ICAN and the Iowa Credit Union League are pleased to announce a new partnership to bring in-depth financial aid training to credit union personnel statewide. For more than 20 years, ICAN has been dedicated to empowering Iowans to achieve lifelong success through education and training.

The ICAN training will provide Iowa credit unions with the tools they need to play a critical role in helping families understand college costs and, more importantly, develop strategies to pay for them. The half-day training starts with understanding basic financial aid terminology and progresses into easy-to-understand segments. Each segment will feature activities as well as group discussion. The following topics will be covered through an interactive, group discussion using scenarios and real-life examples:

  • Defining Financial Aid
  • Types of Financial Aid
  • How Financial Need is Calculated
  • Options for Students and Parents
  • Understanding Student Loans
  • Completing the FAFSA Form
  • Avoiding Common FAFSA Mistakes
  • Understanding FAFSA Results

At the conclusion of the training, each participant can obtain certification by successfully completing an assessment. Those passing will be designated as "ICAN Certified."

Virtual Training Dates

All trainings are held from 8:30 am - Noon.

  • None scheduled at this time
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