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Monthly Budget Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your monthly income and expenses. You can use your actual or estimated expenses, or you can use national averages.

Step 1: Calculate Your Monthly Income
Expected Annual Income (Before Tax): $
Assumed Tax Rate Percentage: %
Your Monthly Income (After Tax) : $
Step 2: Enter Your Monthly Expenses
Calculate your monthly expenses by using national averages or enter your personal expenses in the categories below.
Estimate Monthly Expenses Using:
Housing: $
Health Care: $
Utilities: $
Savings: $
Transportation: $
Debt Obligations (Other Loans): $
Food: $
Student Loan Payment: $
Personal Expenses: $
Miscellaneous: $
Insurance: $
Step 3: Calculate Your Monthly Budget
Total Expenses: $
Difference Income - Expenses: $

This calculator is for informational and educational purposes only. The results should be considered estimates only.

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