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FAFSA Delayed by Federal Student Aid Until December 31, 2023
While you wait for the FAFSA, get started on your FSA ID username and password. The student and at least one parent need an FSA ID to complete the FAFSA. Your FSA IDs must be setup and verified BEFORE you file the FAFSA!   Learn more.


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Real Advice From Real People (Video Library)

Wish you had some insight from students, parents and counselors who have been there and done that? Hear what others have to say and what they learned about planning for and applying to college in these accounts.


Why College?

High School Success

Advice to High School Freshmen

Advice to High School Students

Get Involved in High School

A Parent's View: Helping Your Student Plan for College

A Parent's View: Planning for College in High School

Why Take AP Classes

Retaking the ACT

Starting Your College Search

College Search Advice

A Parent's View: Optimizing the Campus Visit

Choosing a College

A Junior Parent's View: Choosing the Best College for You

A Senior Parent's View: Choosing the Best College for You

A Parent's View: Succeeding With the Application Process

Scholarship Advice

Increasing Scholarship Eligibility

Applying for Scholarships

A Parent's View: Finding Resources for Financial Aid

Preparing for College

What I Would Have Done Differently

En Español

Factores Importantes

Quien me Ayudo

College Success

Biggest Adjustment to College

Difference Between High School and College

Transition to College

Typical Day in College

Advice on Time Management

Advice on College Professors

College Professors

Professors' Expectations

College Classes

Roommate Advice

College Roommates

Advice for Adult Learners


ICAN Helped Me Through the Process

Financial Aid Assistance

High Schools Use ICAN Services in Many Ways

The Experts on College Planning

ICAN's Services and Benefits for School Counselors

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