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Virtual Presentations

These videos break down a variety of college and career planning topics so you can presentations allow you to learn about important college planning and financial aid topics at your convenience. For more information on any of these topics, contact ICAN.

Available Video Presentations

Academic Preparation for High School Freshmen

Discover the steps to academic success from the first day of freshman year.

Video Length: 3 min., 16 sec.

Recommended Materials: ICAN Freshman Transition Guide (PDF)

Career Planning in High School

This video will help you understand the steps to finding a career path for your future and how to integrate career planning into your college plan.

Video Length: 2 min., 57 sec.

Recommended Materials: ICAN Career and College Planning Guide (PDF)

  The Scholarship Process

Discover how to locate, apply for and receive scholarships to help you pay for college.

Video Length: 11min., 43 sec.

Recommended Materials: ICAN Financial Aid Guide (PDF)

Interpreting Award Letters

See several sample award letters and understand how to compare financial aid packages.

Video Length: 9min., 9 sec.

Recommended Materials: ICAN Financial Aid Guide (PDF)

The Financial Aid Process

This overview of the financial aid process includes forms, filing, student aid reports and financial need.

Video Length: 23min., 46 sec.

Recommended Materials: ICAN Financial Aid Guide (PDF)What You Need to File FAFSA

Academic Preparation

Learn how to prepare for college and your future through academics and extracurricular involvement.

Video Length: 8 min., 51 sec.

Recommended Materials: ICAN Career and College Planning Guide (PDF)

7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA - 

An student's guide to the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in 7 easy steps, courtesy of the University of California.

Recommended Materials: ICAN Financial Aid Guide (PDF)

Credit & Money Management: Savings & Budgeting

This video covers the important role savings and budgeting plays in successfully navigating your future career.

Video Length: 5 min., 27 sec.

Recommend Materials: ICAN Budget Worksheet

How to Succeed in College

Make a successful transition to college with these tips.

Video Length: 10 min., 8 sec.

Recommended Materials: How to Succeed in College flier


Planear para una Carrera y la Universidad

En que consiste planear para la universidad? Que se debe considerar? Este video habla de como planear para la universidad.

Video Length: 6 min., 31 sec.

Recommended Materials: ICAN Spanish Tips for Parents

Ayuda Financiera

El entender el proceso de ayuda financiera empieza con entender los costos universitarios y crear un plan de como pagar para la universidad. Este video explica el proceso de ayuda financiera, las formas que son requeridas y donde ir si necesitas ayuda.

Video Length: 5 min., 58 sec.

Recommended Materials: ICAN Spanish Tips for Parents


Recommended Materials

You may find these materials helpful either during the presentation or later as you act on the recommendations. ICAN materials are available for at no cost by request or by visiting the materials library page

Live Presentations

The video presentations include much of the same information as the live ICAN presentations held at schools and organizations throughout Iowa each year. ICAN recommends attending a live presentation if possible so ICAN student success advisors can answer questions about your unique circumstances. View the presentation calendar.

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