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Hope Was Always There - Danielle Thompson





Danielle Thompson started working in eighth grade to save money for college, even though her parents told her she would never make it. They couldn't afford tuition, and as Danielle grew older, she saw more of the family's limited income being used to support her parents' drug habits.

Still, Danielle worked hard in high school and graduated early despite being kicked out of her own home just two months before her 18th birthday. Danielle tried to sign up at a nearby community college three different times, but she could not do it alone. The forms were overwhelming for a young woman with no support system. When Danielle discovered she was pregnant, the dream of college seemed farther away than ever. Throughout the pregnancy, she worked seven days a week at two jobs to scrape together as much money as she could for herself and her baby.

A coworker told her she was too smart and talented not to give it one more try. Danielle brought her three-month-old daughter in to the ICAN office and found just the help she needed. Financial aid forms were filled out in a private meeting. An educated professional provided advice and encouragement. And when questions arose, answers were only a phone call away. Danielle was finally on her way to college.

Now Danielle is proud of her 4.0 GPA and plans to finish her four-year degree before she sends her daughter off to kindergarten. She is even more proud that the future is so very bright — for both herself and her daughter.

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