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ICAN Sponsorships offer exceptional opportunities for businesses and groups to show affiliation and support of a trusted source for college information. Sponsorships position your name and logo directly in the hands of a target audience who will be seeking new ways to finance a child’s education and prepare that student for college.

Why ICAN Sponsorship

  • 99% saturation of all high schools in the state of Iowa
  • 300,000 customers served annually through a variety of methods
  • 1,200 presentations in Iowa high schools
  • Position your company or group name and logo with a trusted source for college information
  • Prove commitment to youth and education
  • Reach the hands of parents and students at college fairs, community presentations and during counselor visits in individual high schols throughout the state.
  • ICAN brand: strong and trusted among college access professionals, student and parents
  • Our sponsors gain value from association with ICAN and our mission to empower Iowans to achieve their educational and career goals through statewide comprehensive outreach, initiatives and partnerships with schools, groups and businesses.

Community Opportunities with ICAN

Show your community how you support local students! To target your reach to a specific audience, consider one of the following opportunities.

  • Golden Circle College Fair the largest and most established fair in the state of Iowa
  • Presentations in communities and schools across the state of Iowa
  • Fill out the FAFSA Form Day for one or more locations across Iowa

Statewide Opportunities with ICAN

Extend your reach throughout Iowa and touch the students of 98% of schools state wide. Consider one of the following opportunities.

ICAN Programs

 ICAN has five core programs available for sponsorship. Sponsorship includes all presentations and publications within program statewide.

  • Freshman Transitions (8th grade & freshmen)
  • Career and College Planning (sophomores, juniors & parents)
  • Financial Literacy (juniors & seniors)
  • How to Pay for College: Understanding the Financial Aid Process (juniors/seniors & parents)
  • College Preparation & Success (seniors)

ICAN Publications

  • Career and College Planning Guide – distribution 37,000
  • Financial Aid Guide – distribution 26,000
  • Freshman Transitions Guide - distribution 30,000
  • Student College Planning Calendar – distribution 56,000

E-Alerts & Tips:

  • ICAN Tip of the Week (high school students and parents, school counselors)
  • Senior Alerts - (high school students and parents) 


  • August - March - 15,000 average monthly hits
  • April - July - 7,000 average monthly hits

ICAN sponsorships can be custom designed to meet the needs of your business or group. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities in your community or to inquire about the availability of an above-mentioned option, please contact ICAN by email or by calling (515) 402-4200.

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