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Career Assessments

Career Exploration & Assessment

Your future career will provide more than just a paycheck. The average person spends an average of 35-40 years in the workforce - making sure you find the right career that fits not just your monetary needs, but also your interests, values, and talents is important. When you find a career that fits your passions, you will find greater success and more opportunities.

Assess Yourself

Interest assessments, such as the ACT career assessment, are a  great way to find the career that best suits you by discovering what really interests you and what you value most. Assessments:

  • Identify your strengths, skills, and areas of interest
  • Match your results to career pathways or industries
  • Link career pathways to specific careers and salary expectations
  • Link careers to education and training requirements
  • List education requirements that will lead to potential college majors
  • Help narrow your list of potential colleges to those that fit your interest area and price range

The ACT career assessment is a free and easy tool featuring three short interest inventories that identify potential career pathways that fit your interests and values. The three inventories take about 15 minutes and provide instant results through the creation of a Career Map and Major Map.

Career Map

The Career Map organizes your results by pathways, color-coding the pathways that best fit your assessment results.

  • Pathways in blue fit one assessment.ACT Profile Career Map sample
  • Pathways in red fit two or more assessments.
  • Pathways in grey do not fit your assessments.

Your can learn more about each pathway by clicking the colored dot and reading through the list of potential careers.

Each career provides an overview of the career responsibilities, education and training required, and outlook for future job growth and salary. Each career also outlines the best personal qualities that make a person fit for the job, as well as recommendations on high school courses to take and college majors or training programs that lead to the career. Mark the ones you like to save the career to your profile for future reference.

Major Map

Use the Major Map to explore college majors and find majors that fit your interests.ACT Profile Major Map example

  • Career Pathway results list education and training requirements which can help identify potential career majors.
  • Use the Major Map to find colleges that offer those majors and programs.
  • Career Pathways also list starting salaries which should be used to set your budget for your college education.

The ACT career assessment can help narrow your list of potential colleges to those that fit your interest area and price range.

Get Started

Visit to get started, or go through the assessment and the results with an ICAN advisor - schedule a Career Assessment appointment at


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