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Research Careers

Iowa's Hot 50 Jobs



If you think research tends to be boring, it might be because you haven't been excited about the topic. Discovering what you will do for the rest of your life is an interesting process that will help you do well in high school. The only way to find out if a career is for you is to learn all about it.

Use the Internet to answer important questions like the ones below.


How much education or training beyond high school do you need? See education levels (PDF) for the fastest-growing jobs in Iowa.

What, if any, majors will prepare you for this career?

What types of high school classes relate to this occupation?

Will you need any ongoing training or education?

Money and Outlook

What is the average starting pay?

What is the median salary, or the amount of money you can make with a few years' experience?

What is the outlook (how many jobs will be available in the future) for this career? See fast-growing jobs in Iowa (PDF) and in the United States.

Responsibilities and Skills

What are the daily responsibilities?

What are the required basic skills?

What are the working conditions?

What are the travel requirements?

What are the physical demands?

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