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Students! Get Your ICR Future Career & College Fair Barcode
Mark your calendars for the ICR Future Fair on March 24 in Cedar Rapids and get registered for your free barcode. The barcode lets colleges of your choosing scan your code so you get more information at the fair. Get Your Barcode Now!


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Apply for College

Think of the application process as a tryout or a casting call. You already have the potential to be a student that colleges want. Now you just need to prove it to the schools you want to attend. Fortunately, you won't need to throw a touchdown pass or sing a solo to be accepted. Get ready for your tryout by following these steps.

  • Narrow down the list of colleges you're interested in. (As a junior, you should have 10 to 15 good choices. If you don't, start checking out websites and college fairs.)
  • By November of your senior year, narrow that list to the top two to five schools.
    • List these schools on your financial aid applications, ACT® or SAT® registrations, and other forms.
    • Look at the admission requirements. Are you able to meet all of them?
    • Apply to more than one school – even if you think one school is perfect for you.
  • Fill out admission applications online or on paper (most schools offer both).
    • Visit the schools' websites to get the forms you need.
    • Check to see if your school accepts the Common Application.
      • The Common Application is a standard form accepted by nearly 300 colleges across the country. Many schools that accept the Common Application also have supplemental forms you must complete.
  • Send applications as soon as you can. It's a good idea to send your applications no later than March if you want to attend college in the fall.
    • Check with your chosen schools about specific admission deadlines. Many colleges have a rolling admissions deadline, which means you can apply anytime throughout the year.
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