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Getting Ready for College

Once you've been accepted to a college, the clock starts ticking. It may be hard to focus on getting ready for college while you're still finishing your senior year, but your first day as a college freshman will be here before you know it.

Finalize College Paperwork

Spend some time completing and checking on the paperwork your college requires.

  • Accept your financial aid package.
  • Submit any tuition and housing deposits (if required).
  • Make sure that your college receives your final transcript from your high school.
  • Check that any college credits earned during high school have been transferred. Confirm that the college has received any final AP scores.

Get to Know Your College

Become familiar with the different aspects of your new school.

  • Classes
    • Look at the college's academic offerings and general requirements.
    • Find out about classes in your major if you've decided on one.
    • Classes outside your major may be required as well; check them out.
    • Course offerings might give you an idea for a major, a minor or an emphasis. See what other classes the school offers that look interesting.
    • Find out if you can test out of any of the required general classes.
  • Campus organizations and athletic teams
    • Select two or three things that interest you the most.
    • Try to find out who to contact about getting involved.
  • Community
    • Travel to the area if you can.
    • Know where the local shops, restaurants and movie theaters are.
    • Find out if transportation is going to be an issue.
    • Be on the lookout for high-crime-rate areas.

Save Your Money

You'll be surprised how quickly all the fees and expenses add up.

  • Create a budget for the summer and your first semester of college.
  • Put graduation gift money toward your savings.
  • Ask about work-study or campus jobs.

Prepare Yourself for the Transition

Going to college is a big step in your life. Get ready for it in smaller increments.

  • Attend any orientation programs offered by your college.
  • Familiarize yourself with the campus, meet new friends and get answers to last-minute questions.
  • Contact your future roommate(s) to talk about who's bringing what and to get to know each other.


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