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Types of Admission Deadlines

A date is easy enough to understand. But what's a rolling deadline? How is that different from a regular decision? Since most Iowa schools use one of these plans, it's important to understand them. Here are definitions, along with those of other plans you might find.

Early Admission

Early admission, or dual enrollment, means you enroll in college and start taking college courses while you're still completing your high school education.

Regular Admission

This is just what it says – the regular way. Students submit an application by a specific date set by the school and receive a decision in a clearly stated period of time.

Rolling Admission

Rolling admission means colleges review and decide on applications when they receive them throughout the admission cycle. You'll still want to be early – admission and financial aid decisions are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and you don't want to miss out.

Early Action

Early action allows students to apply early and receive a response well ahead of the school's usual response date. You don't need to make a commitment to the school when you get the response. If you're accepted under early action, you can still apply to other schools. You'll receive your financial aid package in the spring with other students who applied to that college.

Early Decision – Binding

Early decision deadlines vary by school from mid-October to early January. You would apply for an early decision if you're convinced this is the top college for you. If you accept admission and the school provides an adequate financial aid package, you withdraw applications to other colleges.

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