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FAFSA Delayed by Federal Student Aid Until December 31, 2023
While you wait for the FAFSA, get started on your FSA ID username and password. The student and at least one parent need an FSA ID to complete the FAFSA. Your FSA IDs must be setup and verified BEFORE you file the FAFSA!   Learn more.


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Extracurricular Activities

Intramural sports, student government, Greek life, career-oriented organizations, dorm committees: the list of available on-campus activities goes on. Although the types of organizations offered can vary from school to school, chances are pretty good you can find something you'll enjoy.

Finding Activities

Sometimes opportunity doesn't knock. This is one of those situations where you need to do the legwork. It's not likely the editor of the campus paper is going to realize you write hilarious editorials on student life – you'll have to find the opportunities for a chance to show your skills. If you want to get involved, try:

  • Checking out the school website. Most schools have a section for extracurricular or student life activities.

  • Asking a professor in your major about student organizations. Your academic advisor may also know of some.

  • Talking to orientation staff. They know all about that kind of thing for incoming students.

  • Watching student newspapers, bulletin boards and other outlets for sign-up information. If you're unsure whether you want to join, you might be able to attend a meeting or you can always call the contact number for more information.

  • Introducing yourself to someone who is already involved. Most organizations love to get new members who are supportive of their goals.

  • Looking off campus. If you can't find an on-campus activity you would enjoy, consider volunteering in the surrounding community. Find opportunities at


Not only are extracurricular activities fun; they give you great life skills:

  • Organization and time-management skills
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Social networking
  • Teamwork
  • Career skills
  • Commitment to goals
  • Budgeting abilities


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