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Time Management

You may think you have time management down. You go to class, you work, you study. Any leftover time is filled with socializing. If it's that simple for you, great. But it's also easy to get so absorbed in games or partying or even student organizations that you find yourself scrambling to get assignments done on time.

Get (and Stay) Organized

Multitasking is a must in college. Due dates, tests, work schedules, team meetings and other activities all overlap. Find an organization system that works for you.

  • You might find that a simple calendar works for you.
  • Try a student planner that lets you track activities and plan backward from due dates.
  • Maybe a handheld device like your cell phone or a PDA that has a calendar and reminders will be best for you.
  • Keep homework, tests and classroom papers for each class together in a binder. (And keep them for future classes and research.)

Be Smart With Your Time

Those two hours between classes might seem like a perfect time to catch up on some TV or video games, but beware. You might wish you had that time back when you realize you have six hours' worth of homework, plus a test to study for, in the evening. It's easy to fill up a day if you:

  • Study two hours for every hour in class.
  • Remember to get enough sleep.
  • Make time for exercise to feel and look better.
  • Earn some extra money by working a part-time job.
  • Look for extracurricular activities or volunteer opportunities you'll enjoy that will also give you leadership or job-related experience.
  • Leave time to relax in your favorite way.


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