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Campus Visits

The Internet makes it easy to see what a college campus might be like. You can see pictures of students, look over the list of courses, maybe even check out some blogs from students or professors. But nothing is like visiting a campus in person to really understand what the campus is like. (Remember this will be your home for the next two to four years.)

Schedule Visits

Visit your top three choices. Call ahead to:

  • Schedule a tour.
  • Make appointments with:
    • An admissions representative.
    • The financial aid office.
    • A professor from your major.

View a list (PDF) of things to find out on a campus visit.

Visit When Classes Are in Session

Blend into the crowd to get a true taste of student life.

  • Walk around the library and class buildings to get a feel for the traffic and environment.
  • Check out a dorm to see if you'd like to live there.
  • If you're interested in a special group, like a fraternity or the school newspaper, try to see what that's all about.

Walk Through the Community

Find student hangouts; then hang out for a bit. Visit facilities you might need:

  • Bookstore
  • Print and copy center
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping

Other Options

If you can't visit in person:

  • Attend college fairs.
  • Talk to alumni.
  • Take a virtual tour online.


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