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FAFSA Delayed by Federal Student Aid Until December 2023
While you wait for the FAFSA, get started on your FSA ID username and password. The student and at least one parent need an FSA ID to complete the FAFSA. Your FSA IDs must be setup and verified BEFORE you file the FAFSA!   Learn more.


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Types of Colleges

What do you think of when you imagine going to college? Most think of a four-year college or university. Although an excellent option, that's not the only type of school. The most common types are:

Private Colleges and Universities

Private schools rely on tuition, fees and other private sources for funding.

  • Private schools offer undergraduate students a bachelor's (four-year) degree. Associate (two-year) or advanced degrees may be offered.
  • A broad base of courses is available (such as social sciences, humanities, sciences and businesses).
  • Courses of study begin with general education requirements; students choose at least one area of in-depth study as their major.
  • Total enrollment is generally lower than at public universities.

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Public Universities

Public universities in Iowa get much of their funding from state government.

  • Iowa's public universities offer several levels of degrees (bachelor's, master's and doctorate).
  • A liberal arts college as well as professional colleges and graduate programs are included.
  • The universities are divided into several colleges such as the College of Business or the College of Education.
  • A wide variety of academic classes is offered.
  • In general, universities are larger than liberal arts colleges (although there are smaller universities) with larger classes.

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Community or Junior Colleges

Community colleges allow you to earn a degree or transfer in two years.

  • Community colleges may offer an associate (two-year) degree, certificate or diploma program.
  • Specialized occupational preparation is offered.
  • Many students attend before transferring to a four-year college or university.
  • Class size is generally small, and students are able to receive individual attention.
  • Students often choose community college as an affordable option.

Find Iowa community colleges.

Business, Health Profession and Technical Colleges

Specialized colleges train you for specific careers.

  • These schools may offer several levels of degrees (certificate, associate, bachelor's, master's and doctorate).
  • Specialized occupational preparation is offered.
  • Class size varies by institution.
  • Length of program varies by major.

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