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Prepare for High School

Things change as you get older – you've gotten taller, you have more responsibilities, and you moved from elementary to middle school. Soon you will move on to high school. Sometimes it may seem like these changes are beyond your control – you don't have much choice about going to high school after all.

That's true, but you can probably make some choices about high school that will help define the rest of your life. It just takes a little planning now to make sure your high school years are successful.

Get Organized

Let's see, there's math homework tonight, an English essay, that science fair project due in a couple of weeks and … what else? Don't you hate it when you forget about an assignment or, worse yet, remember the assignment but forget to bring home the book you need?

As a middle school student, it's time to take control of the situation. Get a planner and start using it. Your school might even provide one for you.

Types of Planners

These inexpensive options will help you get organized.

  • Small spiral notebooks
  • Printed bound monthly and daily calendars
  • Sheets you designed or downloaded (legally) from the Internet
  • Your Phone - download a planner app

Tips for Planner Use

Get the most out of your planner by using these strategies.

  • Make a daily list of assignments, projects and tests for each subject.
  • Include activities, meetings, practices and deadlines.
  • Check your list before you leave school to make sure you have all the materials you need.
  • Figure out what's most important. Do assignments due tomorrow first; then use extra time to work on those due later.
  • Work backward from due dates by writing down which parts of large projects you'll take care of each day.
  • Include study time for tests coming up later in the week or month.
  • Cross or check off each assignment when you finish it.
  • Look ahead at due dates, activities and test dates so you're prepared.
  • Write down reminders for new supplies or materials you need, as well as notes or information for your parents so they know what's going on too.
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