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ICAN Career and College Readiness Curriculum

Do your students graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to transition into the workforce or a college academic program? Do they understand how to pick a career, apply to college or job? Can they navigate the financial aid process? Are they college and career ready when they graduate?

The ICAN Career and College Readiness Curriculum is a comprehensive program designed to empower your students in planning for life after high school. Our curriculum doesn't just teach; it engages students in activities that personalize the content to their journey, setting them up to make informed decisions about their future.

Aligned with National Standards for Career and College Readiness

What makes a student college and career ready? Students who are college and career ready have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to be successful in post-secondary opportunities. The ICAN curriculum's foundation is in ensuring that each lesson brings focus to at least one of the following areas.

Achieved Proficiency in Essential Content Knowledge Acquired Practical Transition Skills Developed Key Learning Skills and Cognitive Strategies Build a Strong Foundation of Self-Understanding and Engagement Strategies


ASCA National Model Mindsets & Behaviors

The ICAN Curriculum is designed to align with the national American School Counselors Association (ASCA) student standards for K-12 College-, Career-, and Life-Readiness. Click here to download the ICAN Curriculum standards overview.


Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP)

All ICAN lessons explore an essential component of an ICAP, allowing students to go more in-depth in each area for a personalized learning experience.

  • Self Understanding
  • Career Information
  • Career Exploration
  • Post-Secondary Exploration
  • Career and Post-Secondary Decision

The ICAN Career and College Readiness Curriculum is designed to work with career information systems, providing an enhanced, more personalized experience for students. The curriculum program can also be utilized as a stand alone system.

The ICAN Curriculum is "real world, practical, and to the point" and "helps us incorporate our Required Counseling Standards"
~ current curriculum user

The ICAN Program "is easy to use and the most relevant curriculum I could find" and that "we have seen a positive increase in application timeliness for admissions, as well as a very positive rate of filing the FAFSA"
~current curriculum user

ICAN Curriculum Lessons

The ICAN curriculum lessons are designed to guide students through each step of the planning process for life after high school. Lessons lay a foundation for critical decision-making by providing guidance, engaging activities and resources. Lessons are age- and grade-specific, outlined in a scope and sequence for students to first gain a base understanding of career and college exploration, and then progress to personalized planning and decision-making.

Lessons are organized in four areas:

  • Academic Preparation
  • Career Exploration
  • Financial Literacy
  • Post-Secondary Selection


Click on the lesson to read a lesson summary or download the entire curriculum summary.

Academic Preparation

Lesson - Academic Preparation   Lesson - Activities Resume   Lesson - Building Effective Study Skills
Lesson - The Impact of Social Media
  Lesson - Digital Citizenship   Lesson - Effective Communications  

Career Preparation/Selection

Lesson - Big Picture   Lesson - Career Assessment   Lesson - Employability
Lesson - Defining CTE Careers      Lesson - Exploring CTE Careers     Lesson - Exploring Apprenticeships

Financial Literacy

Lesson - Basic Budgeting   Lesson - Basics of Borrowing   Lesson - Understanding Credit
Lesson - Income Taxes   Lesson - Lifestore   Lesson - Student Debit Reality
Lessons - Understanding Student Loans        

Education/Training Selection

Lesson - Education & Training Comparisons   Lesson - College 101   Lesson - Return on College Investment
Lesson - The Scholarship Process   Lesson - How to Apply   Lesson - Understanding & Comparing Programs of Study
Lesson - College Course Planning    



Curriculum Licensing Options

The ICAN Curriculum Program is available nationwide to schools and community organizations with a mission around post-secondary access and success. Licensing includes full training on the core concepts of the curriculum, building a positive school culture around post-secondary success, bridging counseling k-12, as well as implementation and on-going support from the ICAN curriculum team.

Program Options:

Curriculum Plus options include:

  • School-based/Virtual Seminars for Parents/Students
  • Curriculum Plus
    • Career Information System Integration 
    • District Career & Academic Plan (DCAP) Consulting
    • Individual Career & Academic Plan (ICAP) Consulting
  • Parent Communication Resource

Information Sessions

ICAN hosts regular information sessions on the Iowa program for counselors, administrators, and educators who are interested in implementing the ICAN curriculum program. Information sessions last 30-45 minutes and include time for questions. These sessions include sample lessons, a history of the program and an overview of training and content.

Information sessions are scheduled for the following dates:

Book a Demo with the Curriculum Team

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About ICAN

ICAN has served students, families, and the educational community since 1998. ICAN is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing solutions and resources to advance career and college readiness. The ICAN team has more than 150 years of combined experience in career and college readiness advising including K-12 school counselors, collegiate financial aid advisors, students services, admissions, and community college access organizations.

ICAN develops and provides expert resources on career and college planning to school counselors, parents, and students, providing the guidance and programming needed for students to be successful and prepared for life after high school.

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