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FAFSA Week of Action

FAFSA Week of Action

The White House has declared the week of April 15-19, 2024 the FAFSA Week of Action and the ICAN team is here to help anyone who has yet to complete their FAFSA take their next steps toward accessing financial aid for next Fall.

FAFSA Completion Assistance - One-on-One

Make an appointment with an ICAN advisor either in-person or virtually. Our team members will help you step-by-step with all your questions and ensure your form is submitted and you know your next steps.

Visit to schedule a free session.

FAFSA Assistance On Demand

View our FAFSA Step-by-Step recording and follow along at your own pace. This video goes through each question and you can complete you FAFSA while watching, pausing when you need to, and completing the form on your schedule. And, if you get stuck, ICAN is a phone call or email away. Just save your application and connect with us.

Watch the FAFSA Step by Step video

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