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Filing financial aid forms can be tricky. Find answers to some of the most common questions here.

  • What Is a Financial Aid Package?
  • Who Can Help Me With a Financial Aid Question?
  • What Is Verification?
  • What Is the EFC and How Is It Used to Determine My Financial Aid?
  • Who Decides How Much Financial Aid I Receive?
  • Who Should I Contact About a Question on My Financial Aid Award?
  • Will My Financial Aid Package Be the Same Each Year?
  • How Do I Decide How Much I Need to Borrow in Student Loans?
  • What Is the FAFSA?
  • Where Do I Get the FAFSA?
  • Should I Pay for Help to Fill Out My FAFSA?
  • What Is the Deadline for the FAFSA?
  • How Can I Check the Status of My FAFSA?
  • When Should I Check the Status of My FAFSA?
  • Can I Add a School to My Form?
  • What Is the FSA ID?
  • Why Should I Get an FSA ID?
  • How Do I Get My FSA ID? How Will It Be Sent to Me?
  • What are the Steps to Create an FSA ID?
  • How is the FSA ID used?
  • I Lost My FSA ID. What Should I Do?
  • What websites will utilize the FSA ID?
  • What Information Will I Need to File the FAFSA?
  • What If I Don't Have a Social Security Number?
  • Why Do I Have to Provide My Parents' Information on the FAFSA?
  • My Parents Are Divorced. Do I Use My Mother's or My Father's Financial Information on the FAFSA?
  • My Parent Lost Their Job. How Do I Complete the FAFSA?
  • Do I Include the Value of My 401(k) or My Spouse's IRA as Untaxed Income on the FAFSA?
  • We Are Farmers and We Live on Our Farm. Do We Report the Value of the Farm on the FAFSA?
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