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What is an FSA ID?

What is an FSA ID? An FSA ID is a username and password that allows you to log into multiple student aid websites and services without inputting personal information such as your social security number each time.

How is the FSA ID used?

The FSA ID is used to log in to certain U.S. Department of Education websites. Your FSA ID confirms your identity when you access your financial aid information and electronically sign Federal Student Aid documents.

Who Needs to Create an FSA ID?

All students need to create an FSA ID and likely your parent(s) or spouse to access the FAFSA. Your answers to questions on the FAFSA form will determine if parent information is needed. Generally, unmarried students under the age of 24 are considered dependent upon their parents. Use the chart below to determine who needs to create an FSA ID.

Contributors Scenarios
All students must create an FSA ID
One Parent If you are a dependent student with two married parents who filed a joint federal tax return in 2022.
If you are a dependent student with separated or divorced parents. The parent who provided you with the most financial support in the last year AND parent’s current spouse if they married since January 1, 2023, OR if parent was remarried prior to this date but filed taxes separately from the current spouse.
Both Parents If you are a dependent students with two married parents who filed separate federal tax returns in 2022.
If you are a dependent student with two parents who are unmarried but living together.
Married Student Spouse If you are a married student who filed taxes separately in 2022 from your current spouse.
Married Student Student Only If you are over the age of 24, OR married, and filed joint federal tax returns in 2022.

Steps to Create an FSA ID

Visit The process of setting up the FSA ID takes about 15 minutes.  

  1. Click ‘Get Started”
  2. Enter Personal information 
    (DO NOT use your high school email address)
  3. Create Username and Password
  4. Complete Challenge Questions
  5. Verify Your Cell Phone and Email Address 
  6. Review and Submit
  7. Download and use the FSA ID Cheat Sheet to write down your FSA ID username and password, as well as your back up code and challenge questions.
  8. Repeat the process to have for each parent that needs to create an FSA ID. They will need to input their information and a separate email address.

You can use your FSA ID to sign a FAFSA right away. Once the Social Security Administration verifies your information in one to three days, or if you have linked your PIN to your FSA ID, you will be able to use your FSA ID to access the websites listed above. For help, visit

What websites will utilize the FSA ID?

These websites will utilize the FSA ID as part of the login process:

How to Recover an FSA ID

Do you already have an FSA ID and are having trouble accessing it. You can't just get a new one, you have to recover it. Watch this video from Federal Student Aid to learn the steps to recovering your ID.


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