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ISL Education LendingClass of 2023 - Set Your College Budget

Check out  this free online tool - College Funding Forecaster - and estimate your total out-of-pocket expense for your degree, and the amount you and your family need to borrow to pay for it. Knowing more now will help you make more informed decisions about your future. Get Started

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Other Options

Your financial aid package includes everything the government and the school offer you in the way of financial aid programs. Before you take out student loans, make sure you look at all the options available to you. If you find yourself falling short you can try these strategies.

Ask for Advice

Make an appointment with a financial aid officer or with an ICAN advisor to discuss your situation.

  • Ask questions about the aid offered.
  • Discuss special circumstances.
  • Talk about developing a plan to cover costs

Get a Part-Time Job

Ask if there are any work-study jobs still open. Look around campus and the nearby community for openings.


Some large volunteer programs can help you with your education costs.

  • Americorps members earn educational awards to help pay back student loans or finance college, graduate school or vocational training.
  • Peace Corps volunteers can apply for:
    • Deferment of Stafford, Perkins and consolidation loans.
    • Partial cancellation of Perkins Loans (15% for each year of service, up to 70% in total).

Find Out About Loan Cancellation and Forgiveness Programs

If you work in certain fields, some of your loan debt may be forgiven or reduced.

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