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Engaging with prospective colleges and learning about potential career opportunities is a vital part of the planning process. Help your students access an amazing amount of resources by encouraging them to attend the ICR Future Career and College Fair on Date for 2024TBD 

Exhibitors will have a virtual booth to engage students in the same explorative conversations they would have had face-to-face.

Who Should Attend? 

Group of students attend from Louisa-Muscatine High School

With the focus on career planning at the forefront of this event, we are encouraging sophomores and juniors to attend. With that said, any and all of your high school students with interest are welcome. With the addition of the Career Clusters, there is something for every high school age. 


  • Colleges & Universities
    Colleges and universities from around the country have been invited, bringing the greatest diversity and selection to Iowa students in one location.
  • Building Trades & Apprenticeships
    Students looking for a hands-on learning experience in a skilled trade will find apprenticeship program representatives ready to talk about job outlook in the skilled trades.
  • Military
    Each branch of the armed forces has been invited to exhibit at the fair.
  • Career Clusters - Business & Industry Representatives
    Information on each of the 6 career clusters covering 16 pathways will be available and career planning experts will be available to discuss potential careers with students. 
  • Student Services Organizations
    The fair will have a section of exhibitors that specialize in college planning, college financial aid planning, and career planning.

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