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College Exhibitor Standards of Conduct

The ICR Future Career and College Fair will follow the Iowa ACAC guidelines for exhibitors. The following regulations help ensure all exhibits are similar in design so interested students receive consistent information and personal service.

Iowa ACAC College Day/College Night Standards of Conduct for Representatives

Please share this information with all the representatives of your institution that will be attending the ICAN Fair.

College Day/College Night Standards of Conduct for Representatives

  1. Audio and/or visual aid equipment, posters, wall hangings, free standing vertical displays higher than 24 inches, backdrops, flag stands, and all other such items are strictly prohibited. Only table front banners will be permitted.
  2. Laptop computer guidelines are as follows:
    • Laptops may not use audio.
    • No power source will be provided (laptops must be self-supported).
  3. Advertising gimmicks such as lanyards, shopping bags, pens, pencils, bumper stickers, iron-ons, lapel buttons, posters, pennants, etc., may not be handed out to participants. Only promotional/informational literature (i.e., brochures, catalogs, order cards, view books) may be distributed at the program site.
  4. All representatives should be professional staff representing appropriate areas. Representatives must remain behind their table; counseling and providing information in the aisles will not be permitted.
  5. A representative must be present at each table during all scheduled hours except for brief periods of time. This includes remaining until the end of each program, or until dismissed by the site coordinator.
  6. The use of mobile vans or the distribution of unsolicited materials placed on buses or persons is prohibited.
  7. Representatives will not visit any high school within a thirty mile radius of a College Day/College Night program during the week of that program unless the visit is approved by the high school counselor.
  8. Institutions must notify the on-site coordinator of a program if a scheduled representative is unable to attend.
  9. Institutions that do not observe these standards will not be allowed to participate in any Iowa ACAC College Day/College Night Program.
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