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Career Clusters

MEDCO Career Assessment Booth - Find Your FutureCareer Exploration

Careers are organized into 16 career pathways that fit into six larger career clusters. Find your fit and find your future.

  1. Identify your Cluster. Take a career assessment prior to the fair or visit the MEDCO Booth in the fair's virtual lobby. You may have assessment results already from a high school class. Bring them with you.

  2. Match your career assessment results with a career cluster. 

  3. Visit with local businesses at the fair that match your cluster to learn about career opportunities and expectations.

  4. Check out the education and training requirements for different careers in your cluster and visit with colleges and universities offering those programs and majors.  

Explore Career Clusters

Explore the six different Career Clusters and learn about different career opportunities below.Career Exhibitors at ICR Future 2019

 Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Learn about career paths in agriculture, natural resources, horticulture, food production, and the environment. Learn more.

   Applied Sciences, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Learn about career paths in architecture and construction, manufacturing, STEM, transportation, distribution, and logistics. Learn more.

 Business, Finance, Marketing, & Management

Learn about career paths in business, finance, marketing, management, and administration. Learn more.

 Health Science

Learn about career paths in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, nutrition, physical therapy, and health science. Learn more.

  Human Services

Learn about career paths in education and training, human services, hospitality and tourism, government and public administration, law, public safety, corrections, and security. Learn more.

 Information Solutions

Learn about career paths in arts, audio/visual technology, graphic design, communications, and information technology. Learn more.

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