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Sponsor Information & Benefits

Obtaining sponsorships for community presentations allows ICAN to continue providing college access programs and services without charge to schools and students. Presentation sponsorships range between $250 - $500 per presentation, though combination rates are available upon request for multiple presentations within the same school on the same day.

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Participating sponsors receive the following benefits with their sponsorship:

  • Allowed, if desired, to provide welcome to attendees and introduce the ICAN speaker. (1)
  • Placement of full-color logo within the program's presentation.
  • Placement, if desired, of a single flier or brochure among the distributed presentation material. (2)
  • Verbal recognition of the sponsoring company or individual during the presentation. Suggested recognition reads: "ICAN would like to thank tonight's sponsor, "INSERT SPONSOR NAME", for making presentations in your community possible at no cost to students and families, or the school."
  • Placement of full-color logo on the sponsor page of the ICAN website. This placement may include one link to the company webpage of the sponsor's choice. (3)
  • Recognition of the sponsor as a donor to ICAN at the appropriate recognition level.

(1) Sponsor will not use welcome as opportunity to market company or solicit new customers.

(2) Distributed material CANNOT be an application of any kind. All materials will be accompanied by a disclaimer: “Iowa College Access Network does not endorse the product, services or advice of any outside institution or entity. Students should exhaust all other financing options before borrowing and compare several loan products to obtain the best rate. Students should consider many options in pursuing higher education and find the right fit for their life situation and career aspiration."

(3) Web addresses and links may be used for informational sites only and will not provide a direct link to a loan or college application. 

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