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Freshman Transition Events

The ICAN Freshman Transition Events are designed to be the start of the planning process and focuses on the entire journey through high school, college, and career.

Freshman Transition Events are designed to be a partnership event between the middle and/or high school and ICAN. This program can exist in a variety of formats dependent upon the needs of each school community. As an orientation to high school for incoming freshmen and their parents, the event will cover the basics of high school and will address the impact of the first year of high school on a student's overall life plan including college and career prospects.

The Freshman Transition Event program is designed as an evening event that creates an interactive environment for students and parents. The program will cover:

  • Career Assessment and Pathway Identification Utilizing ACT Profile
  • Course Selection based on Career and College Outlook
  • Options: Apprenticeship, Military and College Degree Types
  • Financing Education: Cost of College Projections and Savings Options
  • Money Management Basics
  • A Parent's Role

The program will be offered in multiple formats including:


  • Welcome to High School: Freshman Transition Guide
  • Freshman/Sophomore Countdown to College Calendar

Audience/Time of Year: 

  • 8th graders and parents - Spring
  • 9th graders and parents - August/September

ICAN Led Event

Typically 45-60 minutes, the ICAN Led Freshman Transition Event is a traditional ICAN program during which an ICAN Student Success Advisor will lead the majority of the discussion while making time for school officials to interject specific school language if desired.

School Led Event

The School Led Event is for schools who want to invite ICAN to be part of an already formalized transition event. ICAN will cover the specific topics requested by the school, taking part in the program as the school requests.The overall length of the program is dependent upon the host school, however ICAN has a minimum 30 minute requirement for events to justify the cost of the presenter and travel time.


For schools that cannot schedule an event with ICAN or cannot fit ICAN into a current event a video of information will be made available to schools to show parents and students.



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