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When finalizing your financial aid, it's important to borrow responsibly. Research all your options and make an informed decision. Learn more.


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Council Long Range Planning Goals

At each meeting council members spend time discussing potential needs and new developments that could enhance the counseling profession and student experience with regards to college and career readiness and access. These discussions result in a list of long-range planning goals which are then ranked and discussed at future meetings until a solution has been developed or discovered, or the issue no longer holds value. Throughout the year the ICAN team works to improve upon its programs and services utilizing these goals as one of many guiding frameworks. The following are the current list of council priorities: 

  • Planning to pay for college  – reaching parents sooner about saving for college
  • Awareness Campaign - Advertising/Marketing of ICAN
  • Counselor Digital Checklist (Electronic Planning Tool for Counselors and Parents)
  • Financial literacy curriculum
  • Development/Fundraising (Business Partnerships/Job Outlook)
  • Middle School Involvement
  • Information on test prep and study skills
  • Interactive Web features for ICAN Website
  • Data Collection & Resources - What to collect and how to use it
  • Counselor newsletter
  • Involvement in associations and staying on top of legislation and new mandates
  • Core Curriculum Alignment Listing for ICAN Programs

 In Progress/Under Development

  • Core Curriculum Alignment Listing for ICAN Programs
  • Counselor Toolkit & Online Resources
  • Reaching Parents Sooner


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