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DCAP/ICAP Consulting

ICAN offers a comprehensive consulting program to aid districts in the evaluation and development of their District Career and Academic Plan (DCAP) and to ensure high levels of student engagement for their Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP.)

The ICAN DCAP Consulting includes:

  • Evaluation of current plan (if applicable)
  • Survey to determine elements of plan for development
  • Work sessions to outline goals, develop metrics, and establish plan components
  • Outline implementation and staff training

Consulting Steps

  • Deep Dive into DCAP
    • DCAP Basics
    • DCAP Plan vs Evaluation Expectations
    • DCAP Sections & Components
      • Establish Your Team
      • Four-Year Plans
      • Work-Based Learning
      • Essential Components
        • Self Understanding
        • Career Information
        • Career Exploration
        • Postsecondary Exploration
        • Career & Postsecondary Decision
        • FAFSA Advisement
        • District Plan Integration
        • District Plan Summary
      • Presenting to the School Board
  • Reflections
    • Team Discussion and Reflection Activities
  • Goal Setting
    • Where we've been and where we want to go
  • Plan Development
  • Networking Workshops
    • ICAN will organize and facilitate quarterly discussions with program partner stakeholder groups to help build relationships and enhance plan effectiveness. 
    • Groups can include: Employers, economic development and workforce systems, higher education, union and JATC programs.

Consulting Resources

The ICAN consulting team will work with districts component by component to establish a foundation and facilitate growth and engagement within the plan. DCAP teams will work through reflection activities to development goals and create a more robust and engaging experience for students supported by data.

ICAN has developed reflection tools for each component including:

  • Goal Setting: Building Your Team
  • Resources by DCAP Component
  • Scope & Sequence
  • Essential Component Summaries
  • Understanding Data Utilization
  • Community Partners
  • Identifying Barriers to Implementation
  • Building a Communications Plan
  • District Plan Integration
  • Building a Plan Summary

If you are interested in learning more about this professional development opportunity, you can schedule an informational meeting by clicking here

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